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August 27, 2014

A New Season For Lutheran Charities

LCLogo2014 For the past year, a vision has emerged to expand Lutheran Charities into a robust partner for you and your congregation in ministry, mission and outreach. Lutheran Charities is a partnership of nine life-giving ministries that serve 80,000 people in our area each year. A new executive director, the Rev. Bradley R. Burke, will lead...

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June 11, 2014

Convocation Explores Generosity, Generations

Heart_Lightstock_350 For the first time in history, six generations are living and worshipping in our congregations simultaneously. To thrive congregations must find ways to relate to all of these cohorts, even though they respond to very different approaches to faith formation and institutional support. Join us at the 2014 Bishop’s Convocation as we explore the connection...

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August 20, 2014

Prayer for Ferguson

Prayer101 Please include the people of Ferguson, MO in your congregational prayers Sunday, using the following petition written by Linda Manson of Living Gospel Ministries, or a similar prayer: God of Peace and Healing, We experience violence and hatred that divides us as cultural groups, ethnicities and nations and we feel we do not have the...

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August 20, 2014

Bishop Eaton Calls for Prayer for Ferguson

ELCAStacked “Throughout the gospels, Jesus reached out to the ‘others,’ those whom society deemed utterly foreign. We are at greatest risk when we divide into ‘us’ and ‘them.’ Then, we are unable to see each other’s humanity. In Christ, there is no ‘them,’ not Michael Brown, not the community, not the police. All are one. All...

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August 5, 2014

“An Undercover Force For Good”

Bishop Eaton What are you doing on Sunday, Sept. 7 — “God’s work. Our hands.” Sunday? “We do the work of serving our neighbors and making the world a better place every day — we’re kind of an undercover force for good,” Presiding Bishop Eaton says in a video message. “But on ‘God’s work. Our hands.’ Sunday...

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July 23, 2014

Finding God In The Glories of Summer

"Sunset Joy" by (c) Bob Fisher How are you finding God today? As I write to you today it is a beautiful, hot, summery sunny day. Many of us long for summer, and after a winter like we have just endured, it is more welcome than ever! I love the light, and the sounds and smells of summer: the brightness and...

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July 21, 2014

Young Adults Take Global Plunge

photo credit: Winam via photopin cc Do you know a young adult (ages 18-20) ready to deepen their spirituality and experience the global church? A “team of young adults from the US and Canada will take the “Global Plunge” May 27 to June 8, 2015. They will live in community in Geneva, Switzerland with Lutherans from another country, discovering how Lutherans...

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