Child Safety


To report suspected child abuse go to or call 1-800-932-0313.

Keeping our Children Safe


PA Child Protective Law (PA Act 31)

At the end of 2014 new laws took effect that required all employees and volunteers working with children to receive background checks.   If you began this process in 2014 it is now time to think about renewal of these background checks.

Please check out   for links to the three necessary background clearances.


How much do the clearances cost?

The Pa State Police criminal history clearance costs $22.

The Child Abuse clearance costs $13.

The FBI federal criminal history clearance costs $23.85 through the Department of Human Services


How often do I need to renew my clearances?

Clearances must be obtained every 60 months. Any employee with current clearances issued prior to July 1, 2015, must renew their clearances within 60 months from the date of their oldest clearance.

For answers to additional questions that yu may have go to:


Mandatory Reporters

Along with required background checks every 5 years the Child Protection Law 2014 also created a new responsibility that all of our Rostered leaders, church employees having responsibility for children and volunteers over the age of 18, working with children and youth to be mandated reporters if they became aware of or suspected abuse or neglect toward a child. If your employees and/or volunteers have not been informed or trained in what this requires now is as good a time as any to make that happen.

On-Demand Online Training is highly recommended for all Rostered leaders and for all employees working in the church.   This is a self-paced Mandated Reporters Training

Although the best way to receive training on recognizing and reporting child abuse and neglect is through interactive, face-to-face training, PFSA offers an online alternative for mandated reporters in both English and Spanish. The online training is self-paced; participants should allow themselves at least three hours to complete the training.

“Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse” is appropriate for all mandated reporters. The training is specifically approved by the Department of State for licensure or license renewal in health-related occupations (Act 31) and by the Department of Education (Act 126) for school personnel (Act 48 credits).

Total Cost: $30.00     3 CEs

Other helpful information about the law and reporting abuse comes from the Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance (PFSA) offers training is approved by the Departments of Human Services, Education and State and meets the requirements under Act 126 and Act 31.  If you are interested, you can visit their site at

Conferences or cluster of churches may want to host a On Site Mandated Reporters Training for 10 -50 participants.  This is a 3 hour live course for Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse

A helpful link is LAMPa  for learning more about our legal requirement:


Safety Policies

It is recommended that all congregations should update their Safe Church Policies to reflect the changes in the law.


For Further Information

For further information, after you have completed the online training, email the Rev. Dr. Dolores E. Littleton, LMFT, advisor to the bishop for fitness for ministry.