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SEPA Communications interprets the mission and ministries we share by telling our stories in writing, via web and social media, through video and audio, and other emerging media. We equip communicators in congregations through networking, community, and offering training and consulting for congregational comm teams.

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For information contact the Rev. Bob Fisher, via email, 267.323.3743

Communications and Ministry Highlights During the Pandemic

While many church activities have been curtailed during the pandemic, our Synod’s teams and volunteers continue at work — providing oversite, awarding Forward Together in Faith grants, experimenting with collaborative ministry, supporting congregational vitality, working with youth, helping congregations in transition call new pastors, and helping congregations be inclusive. Check out their stories:




Office Hours: Ministry in the ‘New Abnormal’

Since the onset of the pandemic, we have been hosting a weekly “office hours” Zoom call for pastors, communicators, church admins, musicians, and tech teams — anyone doing ministry in this ‘new abnormal’. Everyone is invited. Join Pastor Bob Fisher and your colleagues each Thursday at 11 am ET until 12:30 pm ET. 

To join, click and bookmark this link: bit.ly/sepacomms


Here are a few of the resources we have provided to help church leaders:


SEPA Synod Communications YouTube Channel









Pastor Bob’s curated playlist of communications videos

SEPA Communications provides a number of communications vehicles and services:

  • Latest communications news!
  • Latest communications resources!
  • MinistryLink.org, the Synod’s website, which provides news, the event calendar, resource downloads, and more to keep you connected with our Synod’s shared mission.
  • Social Media networking through our SEPA Synod Facebook page and Twitter feed (@SEPASynod).
  • MinistryLink e-newsletter, our twice-monthly email blasts with the latest on Synod happenings, learning events to enhance your ministry, resources from the ELCA, the seminary and other partners, and other information to help your congregation’s leaders work more effectively. Subscribe now!
  • Roster updates, occasional emails with special news, continuing education events and other resources for pastors and deacons on our roster. 
  • Communications counsel to the bishop, synodical organization and its programs and committees.
  • Congregational communications consulting, including conversations about how the changing communications landscape impacts your ability to reach out to your community.
  • Media relations, our efforts to tell the story of our Church in the public media by building relationships with reporters and editors, issuing news releases and responding to reporters’ inquiries.
  • Ministry technology, including audiovisual and new media support for Synod programs and events (including Assembly, and the Rostered Ministers’ Equipping Event); consulting about audiovisual installations and the use of media in worship; and the use of the internet and social networking in ministry.
  • Crisis communications consulting for the Synod organization and congregations. If you are faced with a crisis situation that may involve public relations and the media, please contact Bob Fisher as soon as possible.

Equipping Congregations for Communications

SEPA Communications staff and volunteers are available for workshops and presentations for congregation and conference gatherings. Presentations are available on a variety of subjects, including navigating digital culture, creating and managing websites, using Facebook, Twitter and other social media, creating great presentations, and more. For information contact Bob Fisher.

Telling your story

If you have a story that may be of interest to the local and regional media, or if you receive a call from a reporter and wish advice, contact Bob at 267.323.3743 or via email.

If you have information that you want to distribute to the synod via MinistryLink.org or an e-newsletter, send the information in writing, at least 4 weeks in advance of when you would like information to be distributed, to us via email.

To help you generate your information, please consult these publicity guidelinesIf you have a flyer or registration form you’d like us to consider posting on the website, please send it to this address in Adobe Acrobat PDF or Microsoft Word format only.

To be considered for MinistryLink or the website each item must include a summary paragraph written in the format used in our e-newsletters. For examples visit the archive.