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Clarification on Young Adult Voting Members

Clarification: Additional youth/young adult voting member is a voting member of the congregation up to the age of 25.


Under the Synod Constitution, voting members are:

  • Rostered ministers under call in the Southeastern Pennsylvania Synod or on leave from call but available for call.
  • Retired rostered ministers who have indicated to the bishop their willingness and availability to serve in the synod and whose intent meets with the concurrence of the bishop.
  • Each congregation selects at least two voting members of the congregation, one woman and one man, to serve at the assembly. Congregations may also select one additional youth/young adult member up to the age of 25.
  • Some large congregations and congregations with many persons of color or of primary language other than English are allocated additional members.

The number of voting members is determined according to 2024 Lay Voting Allocation. The assembly is designed to have at least 60% lay representation.