Forward Together in Faith Grants

Our Synod is offering grants to congregations and leaders in 2022-23 for new initiatives and ministries that support the emphases of the Forward Together in Faith Campaign.

In all, more than $217,000 in grants have been awarded to congregations over the last three years.

For 2022 just over $87,000 was awarded to 20 congregations.

These grants, drawn from interest earned by the principal of the campaign, will support new projects that help network congregations, leaders and community partners, innovate new forms of ministry and/or communities of faith, communicate through digital channels, and equip lay and rostered ministers (including seminarians).

Networking: Creating and sustaining new networks and partnerships among congregations and leaders. Building bridges within the synod, and with other community partners.

Innovating: Prioritizing piloting new forms of ministry and planting new communities of faith, particularly among underserved populations. Supporting worship, faith formation, and community service.

Communicating: Training/consulting for websites, social media, and use of other forms of media (e.g. video). Equipping the communication needs for events for communities, multiple congregations, and/or the larger synod.

Equipping: Training for lay leaders, mission/outreach based continuing education for rostered leaders, supporting seminarians.


Process and Timeline

  • Applications will become available annually in June via the Southeastern Pennsylvania Synod website. Download 2022-23 Forward Together in Faith Grant Application
  • The annual application deadline will be September 30.
  • After this deadline, the grant team will meet in order to read applications.
  • You will receive acknowledgement of receipt of your application within one week of applying.
  • By December 31 you will receive approval or denial of your application.
  • In the event of denial, you will receive an explanation.
  • In the event of approval, you will receive a letter explaining next steps.
  • Funds will be distributed annually no later than January 31st.

Applications will be reviewed by a grant team including a member of: The Campaign Lead Team, MAP Team, and Synod Council, as well as one representative each of an Urban, Suburban, and Rural Congregation.


Download the application form from the link below. The form is a fillable PDF. Open the form in Adobe Acrobat Reader and fill in the required information. Save the document while you are working. When completed, email the form and a project summary to