Pulpit Supply

The Synod provides this list of available supply preachers as a service to congregations and pastors.  The revised list includes the names, contact information and preferred conferences for supply preachers.

Pulpit Supply Guidelines

Compensation for supply pastors is the responsibility of the congregation. Congregations should consider the following to be a guideline in compensating supply pastors:


One Worship service: $225
Each Additional Service: $50
Preparing for and Teaching Classes or Learning Hours: $100

Mileage over 25 miles round trip should be paid at the IRS rate for business travel.

One week prior to the supply preacher preaching, please send directions to your church and a draft copy of the bulletin for the worship service(s).

Information for Supply Preachers

Supply preachers – to make any future changes to your supply listing, including being added to the list, being removed from the list or changes to your contact information,  you will need to download and submit a Pulpit Supply Contact Information Form posted below. Additions and deletions to the list are made quarterly.