Rostered Minister Appreciation Month

Did you know that October is Rostered Ministers’ Appreciation Month? Take time out during October to thank your pastors and deacons for all the ministry they do.

Ministry during the pandemic has been challenging and at times exhausting for your pastors and deacons. Take some time during Rostered Ministers’ Appreciation Month in October to thank them for their ministry to you.

9 Ways to Appreciate Your Rostered Ministers this Month

Pray for them

Pastors and deacons love their calling, but ministry can be difficult and stressful. Your rostered ministers pray for you, so return the honor. Pray for their faith, their health, their family, and thank God for their service to you. If lay people participate in the prayers at worship, include your rostered leaders along with praying for our bishops and the church.

Reflect on the impact they have on your life

Think about how the rostered minister(s) in your congregation have made a difference for you. Maybe they have been there for you in a difficult time. Or shared a joyous milestone with your family. Perhaps a sermon or a bible study really inspired your faith. However your pastor or deacon has had an impact, jot down your example and look for ways to share it with them.

Meaningful cards and messages

Pick out a card of thanks and share with your pastor or deacon something you appreciate about their ministry. Or text them with a specific time or event when your leader was there for you.

It’s always best if you can give examples of how your minister has made an impact on you, rather than give a generic “Great sermon, pastor!”

As a congregation you can organize now to ask each family in your church to share a note or card of thanks during October.

Give them an (extra) Sunday off

Rostered ministers are no different from the rest of us – We all need to take care of ourselves, especially in stressful times. Set a date and cover your pastor or deacon’s duties: Recruit a lay volunteer to preach, try to engage a supply preacher, schedule a Service of the Word or hymn sing, find a volunteer to teach their class – whatever is appropriate. Let them know far enough in advance so they don’t start preparing for that day.

If a Sunday won’t work in your context, you can always let your pastor or deacon have a breather during the week. Give them a day off and let them know that you don’t expect them to make up the work the next day.

A financial gift

Give your leader a gift card to their favorite restaurant or coffee/tea shop, or to support their efforts at self-care. There are lots of possibilities.

Some congregations have the tradition of presenting pastors and deacons with a financial gift of appreciation. If that’s your tradition, or one you’d like to start, ask members to make an extra contribution for your leader’s gift.

Encourage them to take their vacation

Most Americans do not take all of their vacation, and rostered ministers often fall into this category. Encourage your leaders to take time to tend to relax and disengage from time to time. Self-care isn’t selfish. Leaders who are healthy, mentally and physically, serve their congregations with renewed energy.

Celebrate their ministry in photos or video

If you have access to photos of ways your pastor or deacon is involved in congregational life, collect them onto a poster or display. Share it at worship to say thank you to your rostered minister, and place it somewhere that members and visitors can see the aspects of your leader’s ministry that they don’t ordinarily see. If someone has skills with presentations or video editing, make a slide show that you can display at church.

Stage a ‘text shower’

Pick a time during the month and ask people in the congregation to all text a message of thanks or support at the same day and time. Ask people to offer specific examples of things they are grateful for. And, of course, keep the day and time a secret from your pastor or deacon.

Gift them with children’s art

Talk with your children about what rostered ministers do, and ask them to draw a picture, make a painting, create chalk art, or use another medium to say “Thank you!” Give it to them after worship, mail it to them, or take a photo and email it to your pastor or deacon. And don’t forget to share it with them and your congregation on Facebook.

Another Idea: ConseCrate

ConseCrate Subscription Box has been sending out fun, encouraging, inspiring boxes to ministers around the world since 2020. Many congregations give a ConseCrate subscription to their ministers as a way of saying “thank you” to them with a monthly surprise. The items included in the ConseCrates are always a surprise and curated from creative ministers and other small businesses.  Examples of items we have included over the years:

  • Coffee roasted by a pastor/coffee roaster in Oregon
  • Honey from a pastor/beekeeper in Kansas
  • Hand poured candles from a youth minister/candlemaker in Georgia
  • Book from a pastor/author in Minneapolis
  • Earrings from a deacon/jewelry-maker in Oklahoma

The ConseCrates always include 4-6 items and correspond with the church season. They often also include special offers from spiritual directors, curriculum-creators, life coaches, and others who understand the unique calling of ministry. Find out more about ConseCrate and order something special for your ministers this Clergy Appreciation Month at