calendar May 12, 2015 in 2015 Assembly, Congregations

VP: Congregations Doing “A Great Job”

“Despite fewer people who may be engaging in our churches, less money to work with, and closing of some of our congregations, we are still reaching out to change the lives of people and make a difference in our communities,” said Vice President Tracey Beasley.

She raised up ministries that contribute to the work of the church for the Synod and the world. Many churches have started community food pantries, food banks and gardens. “The Hunger Ministry Team would be so proud of us,” said Beasley.

Several churches have started prayer shawl ministries, pet blessing services, or have seen their youth groups become active and vibrant ministries.

Faith Emmanuel, East Lansdowne and Good Shepherd, Coatsville helped raised awareness, money and supplies to help their congregations’ Liberian population and families in Africa affected by the Ebola crisis. Many held prayer services for those in West Africa.

“High five somebody,” shouted Beasley. “What a great job we are doing.” She looks forward to seeing next year how ministries have been transformed by the Synod’s focus on equipping, innovating, communicating and networking.

– Jane Jorgensen and John Kahler