calendar September 15, 2008 in News

Visiting SEKUCo ‘a dream come true’

Observations from local educator Michelle Macluckie, who visited SEKUCo this year.

"michelleVisiting SEKUCo after its first year was a dream come true. I had seen pictures but the pulse of SEKUCo was in the faculty and students who greeted us so warmly. The proud students fully understand that they will be the agents of educational change in Tanzania.

Their knowledge of special needs education sets them apart from other university students. As a supporting partner of the Special Needs Education Department, I understand the immense work involved in providing this educa- tional opportunity. Topics of instruction included a general overview of special education and disabilities, braille, mild disabilities, lesson planning and co-teaching. The curriculum development was truly a team effort. Amanda Grant and the SEKUCo Management Team worked tirelessly to provide highly qualified instructors for the coursework and ended up with an international team of lecturers and professors. To witness the culmination of everyone’s efforts was a significant blessing.

Walking into the SEKUCo library, I saw the fruits of our SEPA efforts over the past two years. Students were reading brand new textbooks, talking quietly to each other, and taking notes. A studious environment was every- where including “quiet” signs and directions for book usage. This library is evidence of the living partnership between the North Eastern Diocese and SEPA.

There is still so much more to do! More books are needed so that hundreds of students don’t have to share ten books per class. More faculty are needed as SEKUCo grows. The lives of individuals with disabilities in Tanzania will be changed for the better because of SEKUCo students. Our continued partnership and support will help realize the school motto, “Acquire knowledge. Serve with compassion.”

Michelle is a member of St. Luke Lutheran Church, Gilbertsville