calendar October 18, 2011 in Disaster Response

Synod Contributes to Local LDR Efforts

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Synod has made a special $3,000 grant to Lutheran Disaster Response in Eastern PA to help with organizing and equipping volunteers to assist with the extraordinary needs in our area in the wake of Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee.

A portion of the funds from the Synod are funding the work of Julia Menzo and Linda Frey who create the systems and organize volunteers, according to the Rev. Dr. Jennifer P. Ollikainen, director for ministries at Lutheran Congregational Services, the LDR affiliate for Eastern PA. Some of the funds are also going toward background checks for LDR-EPA volunteers ($10 per person) to maintain good and safe practice for the organization. Some funds are also going toward cleaning supplies and tools for volunteers. Finally, some funds will be used to set up long term recovery teams in Montgomery and Philadelphia County — and possibly Bucks County. These Long Term Recovery Teams are made up of local people from a community who plan for how to rebuild their communities. LDR-EPA has expertise and knowledge about setting up these committees which empower the most local response. 

You can still help by making a contribution to the local LDR, volunteering to help with ongoing cleanup, and by praying by those still affected. Volunteers are needed on an ongoing basis as needs are identified. To get involved ">contact Linda Frey via email.