calendar December 14, 2009 in SEKOMU

SEKUCo sees challenges due to rapid growth

"SEKUCoWeb09.jpg"The Sebastian Kolowa University College (SEKUCo), the college of our Tanzanian companion synod, now has 824 students.  Most of those enrolled are in the special needs education program, which is the only one of its kind in Tanzania.  Other students are studying law and eco-tourism and nature conservation.

Rapid growth, while welcome, poses some challenges for the new college.  Only 240 of the students can be housed on the campus, with the rest finding lodging in Magamba village and Lushoto town, the Rev. Dr. Anneth Munga, SEKUCo provost, writes in the partnership’s most recent newsletter.

"sekuco“A major challenge is the library; it is simply too small,” Dr. Munga writes.  “Also, the classrooms are too small for some specializations… The largest assembly hall cannot take all students at the same time if they are to sit down.  For the opening service of the new academic year we had people sitting and standing inside and outside.”  You can download the provost’s full report on our website. 

SEKUCo financial needs are great!

SEKUCo needs financial help in so many ways.  Many debts remain from the renovations of buildings, the internet needs vast improvement and text books are needed.  Please consider sending a donation to SEKUCo today. Your gift will make a difference.  Thank you!

Make gifts using the form included in the November newsletter.