calendar August 26, 2019 in Faith in action, Giving, Global Vision

Our Global Connection With Tanzania

There’s an African tradition that when someone is physically present, it’s not just their “face” that is present, but life itself.

Bishop Davenport, Pastor Bradley Burke, and Ms. Yvonne Curtis visited our companion North Eastern Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania this summer, sharing not only the life of our Synod but your prayers and gifts. In the previous year, SEPA congregations had donated more than $16,000 toward the ministries of the diocese, including more than $10,000 for the Sebastian Kolowa Memorial University that SEPA people were instrumental in starting. Thank you for your global vision!

“These partnerships help the global church to come together,” says Bishop Stephen Munga of the North Eastern Diocese. “We learn so much from each other, from our similarities and our differences,” adds Bishop Davenport.


While visiting, our bishop helped dedicate a new church building for Lushoto sub-parish. The SEPA team also visited the Rainbow School for children with developmental needs, Irente Children’s Home and School for the Blind, the Irente Mountain Biodiversity Reserve and SEKOMU.

“We are blessed to be partners of a global church, and interconnected in so many ways with amazing work taking place continents apart,” says Pastor Burke. “Thank you to ALL who make this incredible work possible!”