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Faiths Unite as Zones of Peace

"Zones of Peace" seeks to unite houses of worship from all faith traditions in the effort to reduce violence (not only gun violence, but domestic abuse, bullying, uncivil discourse, etc.) in the Greater Philadelphia Area. Bishop Burkat is a co-convener of the Religious Leaders Council of Greater Philadelphia, which is sponsoring this initiative. Pastor John Hougen (St. John’s, Melrose Park) is co-chair of the Zones of Peace Steering Committee.

The RLC’s vision is that neighboring congregations from different faith traditions will display banners to proclaim they are united as Zones of Peace. With guidance from Zones of Peace, each participating congregation also will carry out a project over the coming year to address a cause of violence. Projects may be new initiatives or reinvigorate existing programs. Projects may be congregational or carried out cooperatively with other congregations or community groups.


Video – "Zones of Peace" Pilot Program from Philadelphia Interfaith Center on Vimeo.

For more information

For more information, go to and follow the link to Zones of Peace. Or, contact Rev. Nicole D. Diroff, Interfaith Center of Greater Philadelphia 215-222-1012 or .