calendar March 5, 2020 in Congregations, Public Health

ELCA Issues Congregation Checklist, Worship Guidance for Coronavirus

While the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is not currently having significant impacts in Southeastern Pennsylvania, the news (and misinformation) about the spread of the virus is creating worry and anxiety in many communities.
On March 3 we received via Lutheran Disaster Response a preparation checklist for congregations and ELCA worship guidance, “Worship in Times of Public Health Concerns.” We have also received a health bulletin from the Philadelphia Department of Public Health with valuable information. Get more detailed info and resources at the link below.

We pray that the spread of the virus will slow. In the meantime, health officials at the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization ave called for communities, individuals, employers and faith-based and community organizations to be prepared for the spread of the disease in the U.S.

As we engage in ministry with congregants and the community, it is helpful to remind your congregation and networks that rumor control and regular situational awareness are essential. Please get your information from trusted sources like the PA Department of Health Coronavirus page and/or the CDC.  It is also important to remind people that concerns about coronavirus should focus on public health and safety and NOT be used as an excuse for anti-Asian-American racism or xenophobia. We urge you to speak out against this kind of hate.

It is impossible to know if or when cases might be confirmed in our area, so this is a great time to begin considering the systems and preparations your congregation or organization has or can put in place. We hope the resources linked below will assist you in making decisions in your own congregation