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Bear Creek Camp 50th Anniversary Worship Resources

In 2024, Bear Creek Camp will mark its 50th anniversary. Bear Creek, building on the legacy of the predecessor camps of Ministerium, Miller, and Hagan, continues to provide an opportunity for people of all ages to learn and grow in faith through time in God’s creation. We invite you to give thanks for this gift of camp, the joy of campers, the dedication of staff, and for all who have been blessed by Bear Creek. Please include the following prayers in your worship life throughout this year and join us in celebrating this milestone together.

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50th Anniversary Prayer – for worship any Sunday in 2024, especially appropriate on July 7, 2024

Creator God, from generation to generation you have blessed us with your presence in the wilderness. We give you thanks now for 50 years of worshipping, praising, and learning about you at Bear Creek Camp. We give you thanks for the predecessor camps of Ministerium, Miller, and Hagen who provided camp experiences for generations before that blazed the trail for Bear Creek. We ask your blessings on Bear Creek: the land, the campers, and the staff. May it continue to be a place where faith grows, friendships form, and you, God, are present.

Meal Prayer from Camp

Share this favorite Bear Creek Camp meal prayer at congregational gatherings or with members to pray in their homes! This prayer can be set to multiple tunes.

Be present at our table Lord, be here and everywhere adored. These mercies bless and grant that we may strengthen for thy service be. Amen!

Download Worship Resource

Includes prayers for:

  • First week of staff training (June 2)
  • First week of Summer Camp (June 16)
  • End of Summer Camp (August 11)
  • Alumni Weekend (September 8)
  • Blessings for campers, staff and volunteers