calendar February 19, 2015 in Communications, ELCA, Finance

Thank You! For Mission Support


Thanks to the generosity of many of our congregations, there was an increase in 2014 in Mission Support for Synod and Churchwide ministry after years of declining or flat support. Mission Support from congregations totaled $2,148,000 — $48,000 over budget and $10,000 more than 2013, but still well below the $2.7 million received in 2006.

“Your congregation’s support enables us to continue to provide a high-level of services to churches, including helping congregations to call new pastors and professional leaders, supporting candidates for ministry, providing youth, communications and global vision programs, and more,” said Synod Treasurer Janet Neff. “Thank you for your continued support!”


Fifty percent of Mission Support is sent on to the ELCA for national and global ministry; the half that remains local accounts for 94% of the Synod’s operating revenue. From that revenue, the Synod contributed $166,580 to partners including the seminary, campus ministry, Bear Creek Camp, Seamen’s Church, advocacy and other related ministries.

Mission Support peaked at slightly over $3 million in 1991, and remained close to that level through 2003, and held close to $2.8 million through 2008. During the recession Mission Support contributions declined by 23% from 2008 to 2012. Without adjusting for inflation, 2014 Mission Support was approximately equal to the amount received in 1983. Inflation eroded the purchasing power of that amount by more than 50% since then. The 2014 total is equal to just over $904,000 in 1983 dollars.