May 16, 2016

Balanced 2017 Budget Approved

The Assembly approved a balanced budget for fiscal 2017 that reflects the continuing decrease in Mission Support contributions from churches. In 2015 Mission Support totaled $1.97 million, a decrease of $180,000 from 2014, reported Treasurer Janet Neff, CPA. The Synod has been responsible managing with diminishing resources, she said. Since 2010, Mission Support has declined...

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May 8, 2014

2015 Budget Approved Unanimously

The Synod Assembly unanimously approved a $3.14 million budget for 2015, which anticipates flat income from Mission Support and a $224,000 shortfall. Congregations’ Mission Support giving held steady in 2013 after declining at a rate of 4 percent annually since the 1980s, said the Rev. Karl Richard, finance committee chair. The new budget holds the...

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May 9, 2013

Balanced Budget Approved

The 2013 Assembly approved a balanced budget for fiscal 2014 that includes sending 50 percent of partnership support received to the churchwide organization. “We are committed to being a robust, changing church, but not a diminished one,” finance committee chair Rev. Christopher Weidner told the Assembly. Weidner called his presentation “Being the Church with Dollars...

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May 6, 2013

Mission Continues Despite Giving Decline

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Synod invested nearly $300,000 in mission programs in 2012, despite the continued decline in partnership support from congregations. This figure included youth and young adult congregations, planting and revitalizing congregations, global relationships and other mission programs in 2012, Treasurer Janet Huber Neff told the Assembly. In many areas the Synod held the...

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May 16, 2011

Treasurer: ‘We Have Some Work to Do”

Synod Treasurer Dick Reimet offered good news and “difficult news” in his 32ndand final report to the Assembly. Partnership support from congregations to the Synod and the ELCA fell again in 2010. The nearly $86,000 decrease brought receipts to just under $2.35 million, well below the amount received in 1985.  Measured as a percentage of...

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