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Balanced 2017 Budget Approved

The Assembly approved a balanced budget for fiscal 2017 that reflects the continuing decrease in Mission Support contributions from churches. In 2015 Mission Support totaled $1.97 million, a decrease of $180,000 from 2014, reported Treasurer Janet Neff, CPA. The Synod has been responsible managing with diminishing resources, she said. Since 2010, Mission Support has declined 16%, while the Synod has reduced its expenditures 25% over that same period.

The 2017 plan was based on actual receipts from 2015, according to Sue Massey, chair of the finance committee. It maintains our 50% tithe of Mission Support to the ELCA churchwide organization, because “we are an interdependent church,” Neff said. The plan also maintains contributions to the seminary, Bear Creek Camp, and other partners, as well as support for youth, new missions and global companionships. “Many of our ministries are relationships, which require people,” both staff and volunteers, Massey said.

Calling for a vote on the budget, Massey urged the assembly: “I want you to forget about the reasons it won’t work, and focus on the reason it will work – our love for our risen Lord and Savior.”

Highlights of 2015 Fiscal Year







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2017 Budget Overview

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