calendar January 6, 2017 in Congregations, Stewardship

Storytelling: Stewardship’s Bottom Line

When people know that their generosity has made a difference they not only feel good, but are inclined to continue to support those ministries.The bottom line is to tell your story

  • Tell it creatively
  • Succinctly (bulletin insert, short newsletter blurb, short video online or during worship)
  • Tell it often and in a variety of ways (see above) a couple of times a month is good.
  • Make it personal
  • Add some change-ups (congregation one week, a synod or ELCA story the next to show how our mission support dollars are also making a difference
  • Add a “Thank You” to those who were generous
  • Use the people involved when possible with quotes, a story.
  • Ask middle school or high schoolers to do a video or powerpoint version
  • Go to for some examples of how mission support stories are told and use them as resources

Your Congregational Annual Report is a great way to tell your story – move beyond statistics and numbers to help your members see the impact of your ministry. Could each ministry, as part of their report tell one story of what it means to teach/learn; be at worship; help with an outreach project; financially contribute to the work of the church; have community groups use the church. What’s your story?