calendar May 13, 2008 in Global Vision

SEKUCo completing successful first year

"SEKUCOProvost Anneth Munga has recently provided a detailed update on the second semester progress at SEKUCo. All of the 138 students returned for their second semester in February and will finish in June. The students have covered specialization courses in visual, speech and intellectual impairment and early intervention and are in their core courses on Development Studies and Teaching and Learning now.

While second semester classes end in June, there will be numerous "summer" programs, including a Penn State-SEKUCo conference in early August; its aim is to develop cooperation between the two universities. Some  other highlights include:

  • Most all specialization courses including visual impairment, speech and intellectual impairment have been completed at the start of the second semester 
  • Mr. Joachim has completed "Early Intervention"  class sessions"
  • Students are now taking two core courses, Development Studies taught by Mr. Benedict Mdabagi and Teaching and Learning Development by Dr. Emanuael Babyegeya.
  • Susan Pursch, SEPA SEKUCo Coordinating Committee Chair and Michelle MacLuckie, SEPA volunteer support for Special Education programs, will arrive at SEKUCo on June 22 and work together with some of the instructors. They, along with Amanda Grant, from SEPA, who has been there as an instructor for a year, will leave on July 5th.
  • In the beginning of August, SEKUCo will host the first Penn State-SEKUCo conference

Download the complete status report