calendar April 17, 2009 in Global Vision, SEKOMU

SEKUCo adds new students and programs

The Sebastian Kolowa University College (SEKUCo) in Tanzania is opening the second semester of its second year with two new programs and 438 students — and challenges to provide books, instructors and Internet connections to its campus. You and/or your congregation can play a role in helping this new university overcome its growing pains.

"sekucoSEKUCo now has programs in special education and law, and is set to add a program in eco-tourism and nature conservation next academic year.  The college is also getting ready to see its first graduates!

Right now, 438 students are sharing tens of books. You can help grow the SEKUCo library one volume at a time, buy purchasing core texts for $25 or $50 each.  SEKUCo also needs to purchase 60 battery backup units in order to use some of its new computers.  Debts also remain from construction and the school’s Internet connection needs significant improvement.