Generosity Tip: Use Coaches Like a Pro

date Posted: February 1, 2019

Did you ever notice how many coaches professional athlete’s use?  These are the best in the world in their sport, and yet all of them use coaches on a regular basis.  In fact, in team sports like football or baseball (Go Phillies) there are even specialized coaches for quarterbacks or pitchers; linebackers or a hitting coach, and more.


Professional athletes realize that even with all their talent, they can improve their performance with coaching and if they get into a slump or lose the edge, coaching – sometimes just a little tip – can help them get back on track.  It can be as simple as changing a grip or slightly modifying a swing.  The pro’s know that coaches can see little things that they are not noticing.


Did you know our synod has coaches?  The ELCA recognizes that coaching is important for rostered leaders and for congregations, and with the mission support dollars that our congregations provide help to train coaches.

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