calendar October 16, 2017 in Congregations

Re-Mediation in the D-I-Y Church

While the church struggles to figure out what our belief in death-and-resurrrection really means for the church to live again, people outside the church “are figuring it out for themselves,” Pastor Keith Anderson of Upper Dublin Lutheran Church writes in the latest issue of The BTS Center’s Bearings magazine.

“Indeed, although religious affiliation continues to decline, faith and spirituality remain strong, and millennials in particular have taken a D-I-Y (do-it-yourself) approach to religion and spirituality,” Anderson writes.

In the article Anderson argues that Christianity, faith, and spirituality are much larger than the institutional church — and we won’t determine the future of the faith on our own.

“The value of the church’s presence in digital and local gathering spaces is not to find conversations about Christianity and co-opt them, but to listen and nurture relationship and conversation with those that are moving faith forward, who are reshaping Christianity apart from the institutional church.”

Photo: Christopher Burns