calendar May 23, 2013 in Communications, Faith in action, Mission

Post-Modern Church Videos Online

People at the 2013 Synod Assembly were inspired by Jay Gamelin’s two presentations on “The Gospel in a Post-Modern Era.” Now you can watch Jay’s presentations online in the MinistryLink Video Library. The first presentation covers how emerging generations are wired, and what that means for the Church. In the second, Jay shares his faith story and ideas from forming a campus ministry at Ohio State and transforming his current congregation in South Carolina.

Downloads: Some congregations have already shared these videos with leaders. You can view them online (Part 1 is at and Part 2 at or click these links and choose to download them to play offline. (Hint: People who have tried this tell us that the “SD” version download plays well on most computers.)

Part 1

The Gospel in a Post-Modern Era — Part 1 from SEPA Synod on Vimeo.

Part 2

The Gospel in a Post-Modern Era – Part 2 from SEPA Synod on Vimeo.