calendar January 27, 2021 in Communications

Online Communications for the Digital/Hybrid Church

Pastor Bob Fisher interviews Pastor Keith Anderson of Upper Dublin Lutheran Church, a digital content expert and author of “The Digital Cathedral” and co-author of “Click 2 Save: The Social Media Bible”.

Topics covered:

00:00 Introduction

00:53 Starting with digital ministry

03:46 From Zoom to live streaming

06:26 Why stream from the sanctuary?

07:04 Interactive worship

08:28 Balancing what works on-screen and in-person

10:41 Tracking the audience

14:00 Reaction from seniors

14:36 Ideas for creating content beyond worship

19:36 Looking ahead to hybrid worship

23:27 What digital techniques will you bring into in=person ministry?

25:33 What have you observed from other churches’ digital presence?

27:19 Blessings of the COVID challenge

28:08 Everything is different

28:59 How will digital/hybrid ministry impact staffing and budget?

32:04 How have you justified investment in equipment?

35:12 What do you say to churches who want to move to the next step?

37:31 What will Lent look like at Upper Dublin?

41:19 What did you learn from doing Holy Week online last year?

42:48 Sacred space at home

44:25 How are you keeping going?

45:40 The next question