calendar July 13, 2016 in Congregations, Social Ministry

An Outpouring of Generosity

The 49-year tradition of generosity through our Christmas Ingathering is transforming into the SEPA Outpouring. Due to changes at Lutheran Children and Family Service and decreased funding for transport and publicity, we will no longer collect donations en masse on the first Sunday of December. Instead, we will be offering opportunities to give throughout the year.

Coming Soon: We’ll be developing a SEPA Outpouring website where we will list local service organizations, what they prefer to receive as donations, and contact information. Your congregation, cluster of congregations or conference can decide which local organizations to collect for and receive their thanks and appreciation directly. You may give in December or at another time more convenient to your congregation. Contact The Rev. Dr. Jennifer Ollikainen with questions at or 610.425.2981.