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New hymn honors Mary

"visitation"If you would like to use a different hymn to honor Mary on Sunday, feel free to use this hymn authored by the Rev. Kay Braun of St. Petri-Hope Lutheran Church.

If you use this lyric, which can be used with the tune to "Good Christian Friends, Rejoice," please credit the words to Pastor Braun and send her a copy of the church bulletin for that service.


"Our Lord was Born of  Mary"

Lyrics by The Rev. Kay Braun  Copyright @2008

(To the tune of "Good Christian Friends  Rejoice")

Our Lord was  born of Mary
who heard the angel’s story:
"Do not tremble, do not  fear,
"God favors you, my news is clear.
"You will bear God’s Holy  Son,
"and bring to all what God’s begun.
"His Kingdom comes through  you.
"His Kingdom comes through you."
"Your child will be  named Jesus;
"He’ll claim God’s throne to save us.
"Power will o’er  shadow you;
"The prophecies will soon come true.
"From God these  things confessing,
"His birth will be your blessing.
"The Savior comes  through you,
"The Savior comes through you."
"So Mary  prayed, "Then let it be
"according to your word, through me.
"My soul  magnifies the Lord,
my spirit soars for joy in God.
"The Mighty One  has done great things,
and through my child salvation brings.
"New  Life will come through me.
"New Life will come through me."