calendar June 3, 2022 in Communications

Mrs. Curtis Honored for Service

In May, the Church of God in Christ honored Mrs. Yvonne Curtis, our synod’s director of operations, for her years of excellence serving as executive assistant to four former and current bishops of our synod. Congratulations!

One of those bishops, the Rev. Roy Almquist, compared the work of an executive assistant to the role Aaron played helping Moses overcome his self-doubt and shortcomings so he could fulfill the ministry God gave him.

“Yvonne was a great support to me, as I left parish ministry to be the leader for the S.E. Pennsylvania Synod. She perfectly reflects the Aaron Factor in her service,” Pastor Almquist writes.

“Like Aaron, who helped Moses hold his arms in the air while the Reed Sea was opened to support the escape of the children of Israel, so has Yvonne helped all the [b]ishops she has served be more effective in their leadership. I would like to add my appreciation for Yvonne and all those people who give their lives to leverage the effectiveness of the individuals they serve. Hats off to all the “Aarons” and “Yvonnes” out there!”