calendar August 9, 2011 in Congregations

Make Your Congregation a Zone of Peace

"ZonesThe suffering caused by violence is immense. From the murder and mayhem inflicted by people with illegal weapons to domestic violence to bullying and incivility – violence is a terrible scourge in our communities.

The Religious Leaders Council of Philadelphia invites your congregation to become a Zone of Peace and undertake a project to reject violence in your neighborhood. "The Council’s dream is for houses of worship from diverse religious traditions to unite in the effort to create an environment free from fear, filled with respect, and marked by deeds of kindness," according to Acting Bishop Patricia Davenport. (Bishop Claire Burkat is a member of the Council.)

Already more than 20 congregations and organizations have signed up to be Zones of Peace. All that is involved is to designate a current ministry or create a new project focused on peace in your community.

"Becoming a ‘Zone of Peace’ will mobilize your members around a good cause and educate them about significant community issues," Davenport said. "It will offer a way for prayers and hopes to nurture constructive actions."

For more information or to become a ‘Zones of Peace’ congregation, contact Rev. Nicole D. Diroff at the Interfaith Center of Greater Philadelphia: 215.222.1012 or via email ">.