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Living Gospel: A Firm Foundation

Pastor Linda Manson and Living Gospel Ministries, our newest faith community, are giving people newly returned from incarceration a sense of self-worth and help re-integrating with society.

“It’s important to me that the people who come to be in ministry with us feel loved and cared for,” Pastor Manson says. Building up self-worth undergirds the work Living Gospel does developing life skills and finding job opportunities. You can continue to support this much needed ministry with those formerly incarcerated and their families through your support of the Forward Together in Faith campaign.

“She’s that helping hand that I needed,” says James.

“She’s like a mom or a grandmom” who calls to check in and offer support, says Edison.

Talib says that, given the stance of high alert and mistrust he developed while incarcerated, for Pastor Manson to break through the walls he had built was “only by the mercy of God.”

Our society doesn’t do a good job of providing second chances. “That’s what makes it even more important for the Church to be here with open arms saying, ‘Here’s your second chance,'” Pastor Manson says.

“They helped me get back in society on a foundation, and I thank God for that,” says Darryl. “I’m so grateful.”