calendar December 4, 2019 in Communications

Invited Into The Wilderness

“Our Advent lectionary readings this year are a rich tapestry. In Matthew’s Gospel, we are swept up together in the comforting but challenging reality of the “already” and the “not yet.””

In Living Lutheran, Angela T. Khabeb writes: “This thing called Christianity often beckons us to places we may not want to go. While the rest of the world is celebrating Christmas, we are drawn into the wilderness, called to repentance. Even today, John the Baptist stands in the wilderness, calling to us, “Prepare the way! Make his paths straight!” Jesus is coming. Are we ready?

“The good news for us today is the same good news John the Baptist’s original audience received: Jesus is coming! Jesus is here! And we are ready!”

Originally published in on Dec. 4, 2019