calendar April 16, 2020 in Communications, Public Health

Grieving Through COVID-19

A Professional Grief Counselor Shares Her Insights and How to Find Support

Through times of loss, it is human connection that brings us comfort and hope. Amidst these unprecedented times of COVID-19, humans around the world are attempting to cope with a unique kind of loss. For many, this comes in the form of losing their sense of normalcy and everyday routine, a type of grieving that for most of us is unchartered territory. For individuals who have lost someone they love, or fear that loss happening while in quarantine, there is an additional kind of grief that makes these uncertain times especially challenging.

Sylvia Havlish, a professional grief counselor for more than 40 years, knows first-hand how difficult life has been for those grieving through the unique circumstances of COVID-19. On a normal day, Sylvia hosts grief groups in partnership with Lutheran Congregational Services (LCS) for bereaved individuals. Those groups are now on hold due to coronavirus restrictions, and for those of us experiencing loss and fear, Sylvia offers advice for navigating the “roller coaster” of grief.