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Global Focus: Irente School for the Blind

Southeastern Pennsylvania Synod and the North-Eastern Diocese of Tanzania have shared a strong partnership for many years. This Lent, we invite you to become part of an exciting new chapter of this companionship with an exciting new project,

Located on a beautiful mountain in Tanzania, the Irente School for the Blind is a primary school for 75 blind and partially blind students. Students are boarded year-round, and because of their education at Irente, many of them go on to pursue university studies at Sebastian Kolowa Memorial University (SEKUMO), a joint project of SEPA Synod and the North-Eastern Diocese.

The director of Irente School for the Blind, Mama Ruben, says, “We are proud of this school and we thank God for this work.” Graduates, many of whom would not have been able to receive an education anywhere else, go on to become doctors, lawyers, teachers, and policy leaders in the region.

THIS LENT…You are invited to be a part of a unique new project providing modern, state-of-the art braillers to the Irente School for the Blind. Braillers are typewriters with keys corresponding to the braille code – a critical tool for promoting and developing literacy for the visually impaired. Many of the braillers currently used at Irente are outdated or broken.

This simple piece of equipment, costing about $800, can truly make all the difference in the world to a young child. We invite you to share your generosity this Lent and become a part of this exciting and important work! Thank you!



To contribute to our Synod’s support for purchasing braillers for Irente School for the Blind, please follow the instructions below. Download Full Information

Option A: Make your check payable to your congregation for your local offering.  Put “Irente School for the Blind: SEPA Synod” in the memo line to designate your contribution.

Option B: Make your check payable to SEPA Synod. Put “Irente School for the Blind” in the memo line to designate your contribution. Mail to: Southeastern Pennsylvania Synod, ELCA, 7241 Germantown Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19119

Questions? Please contact Rev. Bradley R. Burke, Assistant to the Bishop, at or 267-323-3762.