calendar August 25, 2008 in Global Vision

From our teacher in Tanzania

From Amanda Grant – Our SEPA Teacher at SEKUCo

"grantDear Friends: I have been back in Philadelphia for a short while. There is so much to tell about my year-long experience teaching at SEKUCo. I have come home to many familiar faces but I leave behind many that have touched my life just as I have touched theirs.

Our school year at SEKUCo was more than successful. All of our students have received the benefits of a strong and compulsory curriculum. Each one worked hard all year; each has a grasp of the foundations of special education. Over the next two years, they will fine tune these skills to become dynamic teachers.

Personally, I was blessed with a unique opportunity. I taught, helped guide academic development, provided daily administration but more importantly I was a member of the SEKUCo community.

Throughout my year at SEKUCo we were all so busy. When leaving, I realized how significant my relationships were with staff and students. I am honored to call them friends and blessed to call them family. Thank you! Your support of SEKUCo continues to make a big difference in Tanzania and the worldwide Lutheran community.

Amani (Peace),