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Communications Ministry Profile

Synod communications has a lot of moving parts. We tell the story of how Synod and ELCA ministries make a difference through our website, e-newsletters, Facebook (, videos (vimeo/sepasynod), and other channels. Synod communications also advise the bishop and staff on public relations, and work with the media when they want to cover Synod stories.

Bob Fisher, Assistant to the Bishop for Communication

Bob Fisher, Assistant to the Bishop for Communication

How does the Synod help equip communicators?

One of the fun parts of this work is sharing experience and ideas with people doing communications work in congregations, through our Facebook group and learning and networking gatherings. We also share ideas and resources that help congregations in their ministry. I am available to consult with congregations about their communications needs.

What is your biggest joy in your work?

My biggest joys are telling the stories of people and ministries that are transforming lives, and getting to know others who are making communications happen.