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Christ Changes Everything! – Bishop’s Advent/Christmas Message


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The Annunciation, Simone Martini

Christ Changes Everything!


"I come that you may have life, and have it abundantly." – Jesus


John 10:10


Amid perplexity, Christ Comes…

       To Mary, startled and afraid, He comes by the power of the Holy Spirit – and life is changed.


With joy, Christ Comes…

       To Elizabeth, who welcomed Mary with a cry of joy and a blessing – and life is changed.


Unexpected, Christ Comes…

       To shepherds watching their sheep, He comes by an angel’s announcement-and life is changed.


Searched for, Christ Comes…

       To the wise ones, seeking a king, led by a star, He comes in the humility of a manger- and life is changed.


Longed for, Christ Comes…

       To Anna and Simeon whose patience and expectation was realized- and life is changed.


Prayed for, Christ Comes…

       To us, His kingdom comes, His will is done on this earth and also in heaven- and life is changed.


Christ comes to us now as He has come to His people of every age, whether his coming perplexes us or gives us great joy, whether we have been longing and praying for him or are caught by surprise. He comes that we may have life in Him, with Him, and through Him – the abundant life the Father created us for — and life is changed.


Christ Changes Everything!


Blessings to you this Advent season and Christmastide,

The Rev. Claire S. Burkat, bishop


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