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Build a web of relationships

Today relationships happen as much using technology as in person. That will be more and more the case in the years ahead. This means big changes but also means more relationships can happen over distance without having to travel. The world can get smaller…and greener at the same time. What does this mean for the way you connect with the people you care about? What does it mean for the way you do your business…whatever your business happens to be?

"AREThat’s the theme of A Renewal Enterprise’s next “4th Tuesday webinar” on April 28.  Special guest will be Bob Fisher, SEPA’s assistant to the bishop for mission interpretation and communications, who will share insight into the importance of using these tools to connect with people today, even for the most tradition-bound organizations. This will not be a technical workshop on how to use technology but a strategic one on how you can begin to communicate and relate to new audiences using the new methods in strategic ways to get your message out and build relationships.

Title: Creating a Web of Relationships 
Date: Tuesday, April 28, 2009 
Time: 7-8 pm CDT (8-9 pm EDT)
Cost: Free!

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