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Bless the Lord for SEKOMU’s 10th Anniversary

A message from the Rev. Dr. Anneth Munga on 10 years of Sebastian Kolowa Memorial University and its partnership with our Synod: 

“Bless the LORD Oh My Soul!” These words are painted on the front wall of one of the lecture halls at Sebastian Kolowa Memorial University  (SEKOMU). The university is located in Magamba village, 10 km north of Lushoto town. It was opened by the North Eastern Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania on 28th October 2007. Recently, we celebrated its 10th anniversary and we had all the reasons to sing “Bless the LORD Oh My Soul!’.

As we were planning to start a university, we knew that we would need support from partners within Tanzania and abroad. Our first request went to the South Eastern Pennsylvania Synod (SEPA) of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. After a series of discussions at different levels, SEPA answered “Yes”! This “Yes” was not only expressed in words but very much in action. From 2005 to 2007 we joined heads, hearts and hands in building this unique university.

Rev. Dr. Anneth and Bishop Stephen Munga

Our vision is to be a leading African institution of higher learning that fully recognizes and actively professes the human value and dignity of all society members, including people with disabilities, and whereby everyone is able to learn and live in harmony with God, fellow human beings and all creation.

It is our conviction that one criterion by which a nation’s civilisation ought to be measured is how it treats citizens who have disabilities.

SEKOMU has graduated not only tenths or hundreds but thousands of graduates during these years. They are professionals in various fields, including special & inclusive education, mental health & rehabilitation, nature conservation, eco-tourism and law. Our graduates serve in all corners of our country and beyond. These achievements give us every reason to continue singing “Bless the LORD Oh My Soul!”

The path we have walked has not been without challenges. At times, hardships seemed so mighty that we were ready to give up.  What made us get through, and continues to carry us even today, is God’s faithfulness!

We  thank God for brothers and sisters in SEPA for the steady commitment to the work of God at SEKOMU. Let us continue to serve together as we sing: “Bless the LORD Oh My Soul and all that is within me bless His Holy Name!”

Rev. Dr. Anneth Munga.