calendar October 17, 2022 in Communications

Be Cautious With Suspicious Emails

This is your occasional reminder that if an email looks “funny” it most certainly is. It is not unusual for spammers to make emails look like they were sent by leaders, such as our Bishop. It is in fact quite easy for someone to make their sender name your boss, your pastor, or even your name.

Always check the email address (name @ some_domain . com) rather than the name of the sender. We recently learned of an email asking for funds that purported to be from someone on our staff. However, the sending email address was a random number at “”. This is clear indication of a scam attempt.

Synod staff will contact you from their email address for business purposes. We will not ask you for funds or reimbursements (except for reminders to pay for events you have registered for). You can delete such emails without letting us know. Do NOT click on any links or open any attachments in suspicious emails.

If you receive what looks like a suspicious email from one of our addresses, please call the sender to make sure the message is legitimate. You can also forward such an email to so we can investigate.