calendar February 18, 2016 in Congregations, Faith in action

‘Sometimes, Our People Are The Ones We Have Never Met’

Pastor Thomas Rusert doesn’t drink coffee — except for Thursdays when he shares coffee and “Free Prayer” with people who stop in a Doylestown coffee shop.

“One brisk October morning, a man I had not met walked through the ever-swinging door of the local Starbucks. Amari, from West Philadelphia, had business at the courthouse in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, the town where I serve,” Rusert writes in an article at the Faith & Leadership website. “He looked at me and asked, “‘Free prayer’? What’s that?” I explained that I’m a pastor in town who goes out to where people are during the week to offer prayer. Tears welled up in his eyes. He placed his coffee and courthouse papers on my table and walked outside.”

“Sometimes, our people are the ones we have never met.” Click to read the full story.