calendar August 28, 2019 in Communications

September is Disaster Preparedness Month

National Preparedness Month is held in September every year. It is a chance to prepare yourself, your family, and your church for whatever disasters will bring you. An opportunity to look forward and not live in the past. Embrace a changing world and prepare for whatever may come your way.  Use this National Preparedness Month toolkit to educate yourself and your church. Make a National Preparedness Month resolution to check your food stocks and your insurance coverage. Resolve to start a disaster savings account, personally and at church. Join a local CERT team or start a CERT team at church. Volunteer to help disaster victims at home or far away. Teach your kids or grandkids how to put together their very own go-kit. Don’t be afraid to change your habits, no matter how nostalgic the “old days” may feel.

Download: September 2019 – National Preparedness Month