2023 Compensation Guidelines for Rostered Ministers

date Posted: April 11, 2023

The SEPA Synod Executive Committee has determined the 2023 Unadjusted Minimum Salary for Rostered Ministers to be $64,671 ($46,671 salary and $18,000 housing) for Pastors, and $48,072 for Deacons. For pastors who reside in a parsonage, the minimum is $46,671. These amounts were determined by taking the existing SEPA 2019 amount and applying the subsequent federal cost of living increases, which has not been applied during in the ensuing years. The Rostered Ministry Compensation Guidelines for 2023 document may be found on the synod website.

The SEPA Executive Committee at its most recent meeting approved a cost-of-living increase of 3.2% (following the determination of the federal government) for Rostered Ministers. Therefore, for 2024:

Word & Sacrament – SEPA Unadjusted Minimum Salary is $48,164 plus Housing Allowance of $18,000 totaling $66,164.

Word & Service – SEPA Unadjusted Minimum Salary is $49,610.

Furthermore, please consult the SEPA Rostered Minister Compensation Guidelines for other components (Social Security Allowance, pension, continuing education, health care, etc.) which need to be addressed for a complete compensation agreement.


The guidelines also increase the recommended payment for supply pastors and deacons to $225 for one service, and $50 for each additional service. Preparation for classes or learning hours is $100.

The Executive Committee, Deans, and Bishop are aware many of the congregations of our synod will not immediately be able to achieve this new standard. This will help facilitate an open and honest conversation that many of our congregations currently are not providing sufficient resources to cover the costs of a full-time Rostered Leader. Therefore, congregations will need to investigate new models and arrangements as we move together into the coming years.

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