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Posted On: September 23, 2021

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Job Description

To assist the congregation of St. John’s Ridge Valley in worship and praise to God through music and liturgy in a hybrid worship setting.

1. Graduate or student of an accredited school with a degree in music, preferred; however, will consider other candidates depending on experience and references.

2. Experience as an accomplished director, organist, and pianist preferred, with at least one reference.

3. Demonstrates ability to read and interpret music to choir members and other musicians.

4. Demonstrates ability to work and communicate effectively with choir members, praise band, members, Church Council and Pastor.

5. Demonstrates initiative and imagination in the choice of Sacred Music which will enhance the Worship Services, but not be above and beyond the performance abilities of the choir and other participants.

6. Following the policy for all staff members, must submit criminal and child abuse clearances, and update them when legally necessary, at the expense of the church.

1. Lead, direct, and accompany the choir and praise band according to standards or guidelines set up by the Worship and Music Committee, and report directly to Church Council and Pastor.

2. Will play for scheduled Worship Services, including two weekly Sunday morning services, in addition to church holy days (Christmas Eve Family and Candlelight Services, Wednesday Lenten Services, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil, Easter Sunrise and Festival Services, Telford Home assigned worship service [average 3-4 times per year], and any other services scheduled mutually with the Worship/ Music Committee).

3. Will play for funerals, weddings, or special services, as agreed upon. The remuneration schedule for such services will be mutually agreed upon by the appropriate persons involved. Members and funeral homes will be informed that the appropriate fee is at least $200.

4. Will select appropriate Sacred Music for preludes, choir anthems, offertory selections, and postludes which attempt to match the readings of the day in keeping within the budget.

5. In case of illness, which would interfere with responsibilities, will notify the appropriate person(s) so that a qualified substitute may be secured. In the event of illness, it is understood that two paid sick days are included in the contract.

6. Will work cooperatively with all choir members, praise band, Church Council, and Pastor to create music that will enhance Worship Services.

7. Be an active participant in the Worship and Music Committee.

8. Selects hymns, liturgy, and other details of worship services with the Pastor.

9. Ensures proper upkeep of organ, pianos, and keyboard alerting organ tuner to problems with the organ, arranging for tuning of organ and piano and participating on the Pipe Organ, Sound System and Carillon Sub-committee of the Worship and Music Committee.

10. Manage music licenses.

1. A salary of $16,000.00 shall be offered annually for this position.

2. Salary shall be reviewed yearly.

3. Salary shall be paid bi-monthly.

4. A professional education allowance of up to $850 annually is available. It will not be carried over to the next fiscal year if not used in the current year.

1. Vacation Sundays to include: four Sundays per year, effective six months from starting date. The honorarium for a supply organist for vacation Sundays shall not be deducted from the organist’s salary.

2. Vacation shall be reviewed annually. Additional Sundays requested shall be reviewed as the situation arises and if approved the honorarium for the supply organist may be deducted from the organist’s salary. The current supply rate is $150.00 for two services.

3. Written notice shall be submitted to the Pastor and Treasurer one month prior to vacation with the names of supply organists. Written notice shall be given to the same one month before resigning so a replacement can be secured.

4. It is the responsibility of the organist to secure a competent supply organist for the vacation Sundays and fully instruct the supply organist on the services and various selections and orders of the services.

There will be an evaluation at the end of the three-month probationary period followed by an annual review of functions, responsibilities, performance, which will be done by the Executive Council with input from the Worship and Music Committee.

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