Prayers of the Synod


We are a praying Synod, and we invite you to join us in prayer for the following people, organizations, and needs lifted up by the people of SEPA.

We pray…

…In gratitude and thanksgiving

  • For the ordination of Ms. Kathleen Kerin at St.Paul’s, Olney, on July 17
  • For all of our Synod’s candidates for rostered ministry.

…For those who mourn

  • The Blezard family on the death of Pastor Sharon Blezard.
  • Pastor Kari Hart on the death of her mother
  • Pastor David Christensen on the death of his wife, Wendy
  • The family of Pastor Luther Johnson who died June 7
  • Mrs. Kedra Flippin (wife of the Rev. Dr. William Flippin) on the death of her aunt Dorothy and uncle Clarence George

…For healing and comfort

  • Jim Hollinger
  • Pastor Beth Lockard
  • Stephen Westra
  • Pastor Arlene Greenwald
  • Brother Earl Johnson
  • Pastor John Carlson
  • Pastor Susan Lynch
  • Pastor Ed Oswald

…For the church

  • For the congregational and synodical activities returning to in-person gatherings.
  • For all congregations in transition
  • Tabernacle, Philadelphia
  • Trinity, South Philadelphia
  • St. Michael’s, Kensington
  • New Life, Philadelphia

…For our community and world

  • For those affected by extraordinary heat and wildfires in the Western US.
  • For people who have lost loved ones or homes because of flooding in Germany and China.
  • For the people of Haiti in the turmoil following the assassination of President Moȉse.
  • For the divisions in our nation and the rise in White Nationalist activity in our region.
  • For all who are suffering because of the increasing gun violence in Philadelphia and other cities — for those who have died, been wounded, or are grieving a lost loved one, as well as for all first responders.

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayers!

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