calendar August 20, 2014 in Advocacy, ELCA, Faith formation, News, Worship

Prayer for Ferguson

Please include the people of Ferguson, MO in your congregational prayers Sunday, using the following petition written by Linda Manson of Living Gospel Ministries, or a similar prayer:

God of Peace and Healing,

We experience violence and hatred that divides us as cultural groups, ethnicities and nations and we feel we do not have the power to change or stop it. We come to you with anger and sadness regarding the injustices we see on a daily basis and ask for the wisdom, guidance and courage to stand together against injustice, wherever we may find it.

We lift to you, O God of Comfort, the rage, frustration and sorrow of the people of Ferguson, MO, especially the families of Michael Brown and Darren Wilson. We pray that they receive the accompaniment they need as they journey through their grief and fears for the future.  We ask that you will call them to our remembrance and move us to action, especially once these names and these injustices have disappeared from headlines and news feeds.

God of Justice and Refuge, we ask for help in our confusion. We ask that you help us to work towards dismantling injustice without violence, hatred and bitterness, especially the injustices that stem from racism in our nation.

God of Light and Love, we ask that you grant us the strength and courage to face each new day. Empower us by the Holy Spirit to be beacons of Your Light and Love in our homes, communities, this nation and the world; through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord



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