calendar December 9, 2020 in Social Ministry

Pandemic Help: Do you need volunteers, or can you offer help?

The pandemic continues to take its health and economic toll on many. With eviction moratoriums and other public benefits ending on December 31, 2020, there will be a spike in eviction filings and many will continue to have to make harder and harder decisions on whether to pay for food, medicine, rent or their mortgage.

Communities of faith encourage and support their communities in many ways. Using this google form, please share any opportunities for giving or receiving that you might have in your congregation. Feel free to share one-time events, or ongoing ministries. Please complete more than one form if you have multiple opportunities. Once we compile at least ten opportunities we will share them electronically through various channels.

Other ways to help:

  • Contact Local Helping Organizations: Any local helping organizations that provide food, homeless outreach, and other safety networks may be getting requests for rental assistance from families they serve. Reach out to them to find out what assistance they may need in fundraising for rental and mortgage assistance.
  • Engage with local landlords and find ways to support those who are creatively trying to work with families who are struggling to pay rent.
  • Make a list of county and local resources for food, shelter, or legal assistance. Keep the list on hand in order to refer families who are seeking assistance.
  • Contact County Departments of Health or Public Safety to see how your organization/house of worship can support homelessness efforts like Code Blue, the cold weather sheltering program.

Eviction and homelessness impacts families and individuals for the long term. There are negative implications related to trauma, children’s well-being, sexual assault and sex trafficking, credit score, ability to find employment, health, and more.

COVID-19 has made sheltering very difficult due the social distancing restrictions and impact on essential workers, in regard to health and income. COVID-19 has already disproportionately negatively impacted Black and brown families.

Thank you for all you do to share the love of Jesus with the whole world. This effort is a partnership of Southeastern Synod of the ELCA and Lutheran Congregational Services, a ministry of Liberty Lutheran.


Submitted by: Julia Menzo, Director of Community Outreach, Liberty Lutheran/Lutheran Congregational Services. 215-430-1299.