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MIF Partners with Congregations

The Mission Investment Fund (MIF) of the ELCA partners with congregations, colleges, seminaries, and individuals across the country, providing investment vehicles and loans to them as they grow and prosper.

Rev. Mark Wimmer of the MIF presented a video about financial ministry that asked the question, “With your one life, how will you let your light shine?”


“We have been present for many years, and we create the light of partnership in ministry through individual investments, individual congregations, seminaries, colleges and more,” said Wimmer.

He then read off a list of more than a dozen local congregations and other groups, to cheers and applause from the congregation before introducing two new investment products.

The MIF for Kids is an investment adults can fund on behalf of a child that will grow as the child grows.

The other product is an investment checking account specifically for youth groups that will be available for the National Youth Gathering in Detroit in the summer of 2015. – Brenda Lange