calendar October 29, 2012 in Disaster Response

Hurricane Update Oct. 29

We are now experiencing a storm of unprecedented fury, strength and breadth. Extraordinary measures of evacuation, road closures, public transit cessation, and the necessity of community shelters are indications of the serious peril caused by the hurricane called Sandy.

Communication and collaboration among our faith partners has been swift and effective. Lutheran Disaster Response-Eastern PA has been monitoring the storm’s progress in cooperation with the Red Cross and other voluntary organizations in Southeastern Pennsylvania. The SEPA Synod has been in constant contact with Lutheran leaders through e-news and website updates. LDR will be mobilizing resources and volunteers once the storm passes and needs are known.

We pray that the Lord of Sea and Sky will continue to be with and protect those people and living creatures who are at risk from the wind, rain and flooding due to this massive storm. We ask Christ for strength and unity of purpose for all those who work to safeguard communities and cities, rescue those in danger, and care for people and pets that are displaced. And we pray that the storm would soon dissipate, and that we who are spared may be generous in our giving of time, compassion and resources, as they are needed.


+ Bishop Claire Burkat

October 29, 2012 -6:30 p.m.