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Hurricane Update Oct. 28

Time for Final Hurricane Preparations


As Hurricane Sandy approaches, Bishop Burkat and your Synod staff are praying for our congregations and leaders and for all who are in the path of this serious storm. God is with us in the midst of whatever occurs during and after this storm. 

The following suggestions are from Lutheran Disaster Response in Eastern PA:

In preparation for the storm that may disrupt our communications systems, take the time this evening to "touch-base" with your neighbors and local community. In times of crisis, these are the folks who will be most able to help us and who we will be most able to help.

– Make evacuation plans with neighbors and family. Find the Red Cross shelter closest to you if you have no other place to go.

– Collect local emergency and insurance contact numbers. 

– With neighbors and other community members, talk about how you might respond together should your community be significantly impacted, especially how you might together collect donations for those in need. Make sure you have contact information for local food banks or other service providers who may be able to help.

– Discuss with church leadership if your congregation is willing to open its doors to first-responders or others who may need hospitality or shelter during this event. Communicate your willingness to serve to your local Emergency Manager.

As you are able, please update us about conditions in your neighborhood.

And remember, God is with us even in the midst of the storm. We pray with confidence that there will be moments of peace and hope even in the midst of disaster.



Julia Menzo

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Jennifer Ollikainen

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