calendar May 14, 2014 in Congregations, Finance, Roster

Congregations Earn Health Discount

For the first time, our Southeastern Pennsylvania Synod has earned a 2% discount on Portico health premiums for every participating congregation. Thanks to the 150 rostered personnel, church employees and spouses who completed the assessment to take us over the top.


Not only did we exceed the goal, we went far above, eclipsing the 62% total we reached last year. Great work!

Our savings are expected to total nearly $60,000

Portico estimates that employers will save $37,000 in premium costs across our Synod. And for the 150 people who completed the assessment and each earned a $150 wellness credit, that is a total savings of more than $22,000 in out-of-pocket costs.

If you’ve earned the $150 wellness credit, you can earn $350 more by completing followup activities on the Mayo Clinic website.

Although the discount race is over, you can still take the assessment, and earn your wellness credit, at

Across the ELCA a record number of ministries made the goal, with 63 synods, six seminaries and three churchwide ministries saving $2.3 million collectively.

Thank you for focusing on your health and being good stewards of our resources!